The truth about me :)

Aspire to Inspire” isn’t that what they say?

So I finally decided I should do something I’ve wanted for a while now; my own blog! And now i can finally write freely what’s on my mind, what I truly feel.  I can now discuss out loud the things  I’ve always wanted others to know, hoping I would succeeded in getting to them.

I strongly believe that nothing is worth crying for but everything is worth fighting for. And my reason is : all the bad things that come your way happen for a reason, and eventually you’re going to be okay.And sometimes the things you think aren’t worth it, turn out to be our best decisions!

I also believe that helping out is never a waste of time. Know you’ll need a helping hand along the way some other time.

I’m a people’s person, I only hide when I’m in a mess.

I’m not a random person, I think before every single step. I have a “worst case scenario” for everything, and always have a plan B in hand; you never know what might come your way, right?

However, at the end I’d like to say that I have no idea who is reading this right now, & I also have no idea whom I’m writing to, but that shouldn’t matter; I’m writing my heart out anyway. Because this is my sanctuary, my safe harbor, this a place I call home .. (:


I love this place. I love how I keep coming back every-time I fall apart. I also love the fact that I’ve inspired people through the daily posts. And most importantly I love the fact that I came closer to others because of this. This blog has been a bless. : )


Another update, because you know, people change.

It’s been a while since I started drifting and posting posts that aren’t my type. I was fine with it, but then people started making a fuss out of it, I don’t know why. And what I have been trying to tell them all along, is that I am fine that way. It is okay to be lost, it is okay to wander. You find lost things when you do.

So, I am over there, trying to find my way back here, or maybe stay there, or even better, find a new place to be.

stay posted for the next update, I honestly can’t wait for it.


Things are smooth, not fixed, but better. I still don’t know where I am but I know I have moved a little, which means I will get somewhere soon. I am bringing meaning into my life. Just wait and see.


I have stopped my late night reflections, and it is sad.


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  1. sefro
    Sep 04, 2011 @ 22:53:08

    LIKE ! 😀


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