Absolute non-sense.

I have got nothing left but few words stuck in my throat, words I can’t seem to put into a full sentence.

Instead, I have paintings in my head, scenarios playing out of them, I can see people talking about my life. I think they know I exist, I think we both realize that I am listening but neither of us is willing to do anything about it.

Oh the joy of watching your life spin and spin, it makes you think whether you have landed safely somewhere or are you still caught in the middle of it all?

I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, because I am stuck with millions of incomplete ideas, because I gave up on trying to pursue any of them till the end.

I have just finished a book that taught me in 200 pages, that I have got to break to appreciate my wholeness on the peaceful days.

One must drown -or dive in, it is all about perspective after all- to learn when to decide to pick the pieces and go on like something has happened and it will happen again, and that is, absolutely fine.

I think a person is destined to stop and evaluate where he stands every once and a while. I think people have every right of choosing where to go next.

I don’t know where I stand, or how I feel either, but I know it is okay.

At the end, your life will eventually push you somewhere you are supposed to be.

Enjoy the journey, because at some point, the road will make far more sense than the destination.

Leave pieces of you along the road, the road you were brave enough to walk alone, because maybe, just maybe, someone else would believe in it too, and follow your lead.