To fall in and out.

I hid all my philosophies somewhere dark and twisty. I was so determined to distract my thoughts long enough for you to find them wandering somewhere.

I managed to hide them from the whole world, but risked putting them out on the table, just for you.

I have experienced the feeling of being naked without having to unbutton my shirt.

But having your feelings diminished is just another feeling you will have to experience throughout your life.

I don’t fear rejection, I have been rejected by myself, and that is the worst that can happen.

You wanted to be in my life, and I let you. I let you be.

Or that is what I thought.

Turns out, you slipped through the cracks of my soul. You took my hits. You pushed back when I pushed you away.

But then, you fell out of love, and you decided to slip right back; out of my life.

You have reluctantly decided to widen my cracks.


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