Whispers – Part II/ I’m not Here

one should always appreciate a good piece of writing.
one should appreciate a good writer that pays attention to the tiniest of details.
and this is, it is just., I don’t know what to say.

These little things

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

I stood in the balcony with this stranger, who studied my movements as I, before him, leaned against the wall. The joint in his hand smelled unfamiliar to me, and I looked at it as though my desires resided within it. It was to be my first. I would take it in, inhale the smoke the way this man in front of me did, and taste a little bit of the serenity that awaited me, the pleasure I had longed to feel.



You remember my name. I have written and confessed to you of my illness. Yes, it is me again. No, I am not feeling well. Yes, I am still alive (and did not kill myself), but listen to the rest of my story, before thinking that I am.

I still carry it with me, wherever I go. It…

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