It is all up there.

Imagine me walking somewhere dark, alone, with no guidance of whatsoever. You’d think I’m feeling lost, but to your and my surprise, I’m not.

I know I am, but it doesn’t feel that way. I don’t know what is worse, me knowing that, or me being fine with admitting it.

Maybe it’s the tunnel, that gets you somewhere better at the end. I guess this is where I am. I’m changing routes, where I am has nothing to do with where I am going.

I have been reconsidering my destination, it’s still undefined, but I’m eager to set a time and place anyway.


I have been living in my head for too long now, and my head is leading the way freely, no more being hard on myself, no more struggles with every decision that I make. I have surrendered.

Because even though I knew before that there is more to this world, now I have seen a glimpse, only a small one, and that was enough to change my vision. A slight change in scenery is what I needed.


The strangers that I have came to know more about, the total random people that I got to read their thoughts, I thank you both for letting me float freely somewhere new.

I believe our paths intersected for a reason, whether you admit it or not.


And I know close friends are wondering what the hell am I talking about, I know I confuse you sometimes, but the world in my head is too real for you to comprehend, so I keep that to myself. bits and pieces of my life are stored there, only, forever.And I promise that I will always try to make up for the fact that I am keeping you all out of it, by trying my best to stay sane, only for you guys.


I’m seeking the balance, the dark grey.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ahmed Nabih
    May 17, 2013 @ 10:01:57

    I stopped wondering a long time ago 😛


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