On Being the High Representative

My name being said more than once in this blog post makes me realize it wouldn’t have been the same without the both of us on the same team. Everything DOES happen for a reason
الحمد لله

The Dream Catcher

I looked around, about a 100 people in the room, hugging, laughing and crying; they are happy for the year they’ve had, for the people they have met, for the games they have played and the skills they learnt. They are happy because they became a part of the ImEU family.
The Thing that makes me feel alive was achieved, influencing others.
The Year Flashed before my eyes and I remembered how we got here,

I remember the moment I saw the announcement, we were in Noha’s car, I got the announcement on the phone “ImEU’13 HighBoard recruitment” I instantly felt the butterflies; I had prepared myself to apply as a deputy but when I saw in the criteria that I don’t have to be a FEPS student, I decided to apply as a HIGH REPRESENTATIVE.


After a long process of thinking, specifically on 8 May, I met Maged in…

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