even if it’s clear as hell, deny it.

don’t tell them that what seems the worst thing to them is happening right now.

they need someone to go with their denial.

they need to know that someone they trust believes they can get over it.

they might need a helping hand along the way, but sometimes all what they really need is someone to lie to them, with them.



For the hole ahead.

I’m not sure exactly what is keeping me here, but I’m grateful -somehow- I’m still around.

I’m struggling to stay on top of all of my human relationships.

And If I ever sink too deep, I shall stay there forever.

Because it seems that I like people a lot less now, or maybe it’s my relationships with them only.

It’s almost like I could spend my whole day in bed on twitter and tumblr and be just fine.

I’m scared this might all turn out to be true.

And what worries me more is, I’m feeling just fine.

Or am I just numb?


Do I even care?

How could I know?


I guess for now all I’m sure of is, if I ever had the chance to fly away from here and never look back, I would. I so would.

I would break all the rules, and erase the boundaries of my comfort zone.

I’d meet new random people and laugh at twisted stuff.

And no offense to all the people I know, I will still love you though, but I need a change of scenery.

I need new people in my life, new strangers that would touch my soul, fix me and leave.

Like I am with all of you.

I think I’m not here to stay.

I kind of feel it.

I don’t know where I’m going, but I think something/someone will take me away.. far away.



you should get enough of me before it’s too late.

On Being the High Representative

My name being said more than once in this blog post makes me realize it wouldn’t have been the same without the both of us on the same team. Everything DOES happen for a reason
الحمد لله

The Dream Catcher

I looked around, about a 100 people in the room, hugging, laughing and crying; they are happy for the year they’ve had, for the people they have met, for the games they have played and the skills they learnt. They are happy because they became a part of the ImEU family.
The Thing that makes me feel alive was achieved, influencing others.
The Year Flashed before my eyes and I remembered how we got here,

I remember the moment I saw the announcement, we were in Noha’s car, I got the announcement on the phone “ImEU’13 HighBoard recruitment” I instantly felt the butterflies; I had prepared myself to apply as a deputy but when I saw in the criteria that I don’t have to be a FEPS student, I decided to apply as a HIGH REPRESENTATIVE.


After a long process of thinking, specifically on 8 May, I met Maged in…

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To top off the finale, by Noha Ahmed


Conference Diaries

At first I was hesitant if I should write anything here or just leave it to editorial team, but after what I have seen yesterday night and today from OC team, delegates, heads and secretariats, I couldn’t keep the words I had in mind to myself.


The conference ended yesterday 15/4 at 6 pm, we had our closing ceremony from 7 to 10, and I can honestly say it was the best ending to one of my best years EVER.

I was happy by every single thing, the number of delegates and OCs present in the room, the attendance of the exs, the emotional time of writing the love notes, even the craziness before starting the closing.

I will miss every single detail that happened this year, starting from heads recruitment, member’s recruitment, advertising for the delegates, oc welcome, eu’s opening, SESSIONS, charity events, cycling event, midyear trip, etc…

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once upon a time

it’s like I never existed.

nothing has been proven to be wrong, but nothing is right either.

we stopped moving, we stopped looking around. we’re stuck in a state of denial.

we know we’re lost, but in a familiar place.

You Are Important


Thought Catalog

I wish I could have met everyone you know. I wish I could have been there to hear everything everyone ever said to you, from the grandiose proclamations to the offhanded commentary. I wish I could have written it all down for later speculation, saved it somewhere I would have been able to reference whenever needed. Then, at least, I would know who told you. I would know if it was one person or a hundred, a school bully from across the playground or a past love who wanted to hurt you one last time before you went your separate ways. Because someone told you — convinced you, even, and it seems not to have been so hard-won — that you are not important.

You apologize for things which are not your fault, even for things which hurt no one. You will bump into a table and mutter that you…

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I came here to wander.

Nothing makes sense, I have lost count of the things I messed up, I have also lost my sense of direction. I don’t know where I stand, I don’t know where I am right now.

I can’t really tell how I’m feeling, I don’t even know if I’m feeling anything.

I’m going with the flow, I’m tired of thinking everything through.

The life I have known for 4 years is coming to an end, and I’m not really a big fan of change, especially major change; the one with nothing familiar around you.


I don’t know much right now honestly, but I know I need some time to just sit in silence, I want nothing from the world but to sit in silence, and think about absolutely nothing. I want to have some quiet time, that is it world.

It’s not too much to ask for, is it?

I could just lay here in my bed and you would leave me alone, right?


I have let go of my mind, and now it’s wandering happily somewhere dark and unknown.


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