I’ll never stop.


This is more than just a song, there is more to this. At least to me.

I find it, ummm, I don’t know how to explain.

I will leave you to it, and let you decide how you feel about it.

enjoy her voice, and most importantly, the lyrics. :’)


For me and you.

The only thing I know now and yet refuse to confront, is that I’m currently in the process of making the biggest mess I could make.

but I can’t stop running.

The world didn’t stop for me when I needed it the most and I just can’t stop now.

For all the memories that ended and heartbreaks I refused to admit over the years, all are haunting me, literally messing up my present, and will definitely ruin my future.

I have stopped having feelings towards anything, I like feeling numb.

It’s easier.

I stopped my over thinking, not that hard by the way, you just have to keep struggling with your mind through out the whole day, and when you’re too tired at night to win the battle, just go to sleep.

I shouldn’t have let anyone that close anyway, I shouldn’t have let anyone that trusted me see the mess I’m right now. Those people deserve better, and I can’t offer that right now.

And until I-don’t-know-what happens, I will stay that way.

until I die? or maybe get treated?

I have no freaking clue.


And now we shall turn to the wise words I would have told anyone else if faced by this, I would say face it, and get it over with. You can only keep running for a while, eventually your breathe will fail you, and wolves of your past will eat you up easily while you lay down on the ground, face up with hands beside your worn out body.

but do you think I actually care about what I think?

NO, absolutely, and certainly not about what others think anyway.

They have never been where I’m, and they definitely don’t know what I’m going through. but hey, neither do I anyway!!


I will try to enjoy the ride, and fix the little cracks as I go, and I’m only doing this because of her.

Although I hate whatever she had to say and can’t fully take in , I can’t let her go with these thoughts in her mind. I can’t let her go.

Because in a way, I believe she is the therapy I need. She is the mirror I need to look at and stand a while infront of.
And she shall be the one that picks up the pieces when I decide to let go of all the drama I have been living in.

because in a way, fixing me might mean finding her way as well.

so I guess what I’m saying is, I shall be her case, only if she lets me in deep enough..


because after all, she might be the “me” I always wanted for “me”.

and because I know, I still believe, that there is more to this..