The complexity of things is what keeps us digging deeper.

They’re all interrelated in a way no mind can grasp.

From one thing to the other, in a blink of an eye, just like that.

It’s a curse.

If I were me, I would stick to one thought. I’d like to stay in one place.

I’d like very much to stare at a familiar scene.

Because fooling around into the unknown was never my thing.

But I’m not me.

And you’re not who you think you are.

There is always more hiding underneath.

The kind of more you don’t want to face, the kind of more you don’t want to see.

Exactly the kind of more you spend your whole life warning others from, but miraculously fall into, just like that.


The dead-end I’ve came to know

The thoughts, day after day, they keep on coming back. they keep on hitting.

I turn around to find some others coming my way.

I take different routes, but all lead to that very same wall.

the one I can’t climb, nor go around.

the one that kept me here for too long.

the one that will forever diminish any hopes of mine.

the one that if pulled down, I would be dead underneath.

That wall is the reason I’m living, and the same one that keeps me running.


* I don’t feel like explaining myself at all, but I thought you should know that the posts coming your way shall never be understood nor related to..*