For the way they make you feel.

What good would it do you when you keep on pretending to be someone else you’re not?

what is so worthy that you would be willing to lose your true self for?

I think you should know that those people who fell for the fake you, are not worth your time anyway.

They pushed you into being someone else you’re not. I don’t call these people friends!

Find yourself a bunch of people whom you feel comfortable with, love having them around, people that you know will always take you for who you REALLY are.


friendship is all about acceptance.

About being able to love oneself, always. And if you didn’t for a while, you will find someone who will make you.

Friendship is about being comfortably crazy around someone.

It is also about the things they willingly do for us with no questions asked, and no consequences mentioned.


And it’s never about the years..


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