An insight through my head.

No matter how dark it might get, I still hope for better.

I still wait for the best to come.

They call me optimistic, I think I’m just being practical. I’m being the way everyone should be.


I’m not sure how to explain that, but I do believe everything has two sides, I chose to look at the less painful.

I chose to look at the one that will get me through another day.

I have to get through another day anyway, don’t I?

So why not do it with a little bit of hope, even if that bit was crushed the very next day. SO WHAT!

I don’t expect everything to go as planned, smooth and simple. But I do wish they do. And there is NOTHING wrong with that.


I’m still hopeful on so many levels.

I’ve seen nothing good out of love but I still look forward to my magical proposal.

I’ve seen so many bad turns on the road of friendship, but I still believe I will have one or two friends by my side forever and always.

I’ve had my screws up academic-wise, but I still dream about a very high profile job.


who cares what happened yesterday, who gives a shit?

You still have today, and if god wills, you will have tomorrow.

Someone tripped me last night, I’m sure someone will also pick me up today.

That’s the beauty of life; being able to see all the good through the bad.


It takes courage to believe, it takes so much to see through..

And my advice to you, you should try and do it, sometime. just freaking try.


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