Let’s escape this adults’ world.

Let’s run and free ourselves from all the responsibilities we never asked for.

Let’s have fun like we used to, when we didn’t care about what others might think of us.

Let’s run until our lungs ache.

Let’s throw our hands out of a speeding car and feel the refreshing air against our faces.


Let’s ditch everything that has been holding us back for too long now.

Let go of the memories, drop the burden, and enjoy leading a happy and a simple life.

All the consequences that stopped you from doing crazy stuff yesterday, won’t even matter after a year.


We were brought here for a reason, and I can’t imagine a better one than blasting our days, helping others, and leaving an impact.

Life is joy. Life is hard. Life is all what we need.

You are life. I’m too.

It’s all in here, my friend.


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