you know that feeling of being exposed?

when you have told someone everything, so honestly and so willing, that you even start questioning when did talking become that easy for you.

It’s a bit annoying, I think, but it can be a huge relief as well!

Theory tested.

let me tell you this, if you trust someone well enough, you will let that person in. How deep, that’s something YOU decide- only you.

you decide what to tell, and what to hide. what to talk about, and what to avoid.

if you trust that person well enough, you will let him see your bare soul, the one that appears only when you sit and start talking about yourself non-stop, without even having to think about the things you swore to keep to yourself.

and after you finish, you stay silent and smile. You smile because you finally let it all out, because someone actually listened, and because now you know that this person has made it to a whole new level of trust ( that would by the way break something in you if shattered.)


I miss that feeling. It’s freeing..


Tip: you know you did it with the right person at the right time when you feel no guilt afterwards.



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