328 up to 336 – the grand return.

I think that has been my longest time off from the blog, over a week. I thought about coming here once at the beginning of the week, but quickly got rid of that thought.

because if I would have written what I really had on mind, I would have turned some of people’s nights into hell. And I didn’t feel like doing so.

Because by now I know that my everlasting posts are the ones that are written from the heart, the ones that I can actually relate to/feel when I’m writing.


And now back to my drama, the past week.

skipping the fact that I had to hear about 3 or 4 deaths, in maybe 3 days in a row, that won’t matter now. Because death is inevitable, no surprise huh?

well, what most of you don’t know is this, what’s after that?!


let’s shed the light on a scene, for example, a death of a young man. zoom closely on the life of his family, friends, neighbors; total devastation.

now zoom in on the people not directly related to that person. take me for example.

I’ve learnt my lesson, the hard way.

what really matters my friends is, the people you leave behind to revive your memory, those who are willing to meet every week and do good deeds for you, those who will always pray for you, those who will visit your mom and always talk well about you.

what matters are the parents that will forever be proud they had children like you. the teachers that will always remember how decent you were at class. and the neighbors that will remember your morning smile every day.

they as well might remember the clothes you wore, or the food you loved, or the songs you used to replay all the time, because at that time, the pain will be so agonizing, it would make them forget everything and remember the simplest little things you used to do.


Oh god we can be so forgetful sometimes, forgive us for that.

we tend to think that life has the biggest issues of all times, but NO, we have seen nothing! I mean nothing.

all the things that you think are of big importance to you right now, would probably mean nothing after a month or two (some of them of course).

so dear whoever is reading, please pray, be good to your parents, kiss them and tell them you love them when you can. Help people whenever you can, stay true. care for those who hurt you, it might turn them back to you one day.

clear your head, think straight, are the things you’re doing right now  the same things you still would be doing if you knew you only had two days to live? are your manners right now the ones you want to be remembered for? is your name clear for you to go NOW?


I think that would be enough for today, and don’t mistake my post for being down or upset or anything. I’m good. I’m okay.wanna know why? because I think there are so many people out there with problems bigger than mine but they’re still holding up. they still smile and thank god every minute of every day.


Life is never easy, but what if you had the manual all along but you were too careless to look around?


appreciate what really needs to be appreciated in this life, don’t mistake what all people do for right, and what no one does for wrong. because our world has lost the true meaning of living..


good night people.

please don’t hate me after this post, and I’m sorry if I brought back any bad memories.

p.s “feel free to share if you like what’s written.”


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