three-sixty-five; THE END!

It’s hard and confusing, I’m writing the last post of 365 project, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! because I honestly can’t.

Apart from the fact that I actually finished what I started, I can’t believe a year has passed. At the end of every year, I feel exactly the same; I can’t remember anything. And that’s why I have to open my diary to check the life changing events that I had to go through. * stupid, yes I know * anyway moving on..


I don’t know where to start actually, I don’t know if this post should be dedicated to the end of the project itself, or the end of the year, or dedicated to me at the beginning of another year. I’m a bit lost. But I will write whatever comes to mind. * fy entezar elwa7y *


Let me start by this, since people are all about ” you’re graduating soon ” I was thinking that I’m 20 now, a senior, one semester away from graduation, and I don’t think I have a clear plan of what I wanna do after I graduate. I don’t think I even have one!

I have never been random, but lately, that is who I wanna be. If only for a month.

It’s easier you know, not having to think about the consequences of everything that you do or don’t do! Not having to plan every step ahead.

With a little bit of smartness, I could lead a very happy random life, with a LITTLE bit of planning.


Back to the 2o thing, I never really told anyone how I feel about that number. To start with, I’m thrilled I FINALLY won’t be the youngest among my friends, it was annoying that they’d have to look at me whenever they say ” teenagers ” :D.

But the number itself, it is S-C-A-R-Y.

Graduating, setting plans for the future, and of course all the you’re grown up talks that are usually accompanied with a small talk about marriage! I have to admit, I DESPISE that.


But again, now as I write this to all of you out there, I got to take a brief look at my life, what have I done in the past TWENTY years of my life? what have I done to others, to the society, and most importantly, to my self?

What good living is when you don’t take the stuff mentioned above into your consideration? How do you make sense of who you are without them?!


which gets me back to the point, TWENTY freaking years, I’ve tried and I’ve failed, I have loved and I had my heart broken into pieces -doesn’t have to be a boy by the way!- I have lost my way, and back on the right track again. I have lost people, and gained some. I had my bad days, along with very happy ones as well.



I know standing up for what you want takes a lot of courage, that I might not have – or at least I didn’t have the chance to test -, but I don’t settle for ordinary. I don’t want ordinary if I can have EXTRAORDINARY.

Have I done anything extraordinary this year? or the past year? or the year before?

Well, it depends on my standards, which are always very damn high.

I don’t have an answer..

Or I have one which I don’t like that much, so..


So, if there is anything that would encourage me to look forward to my after-grad life, is the fact that for the first time, I might have so many out of the box options to explore. That will only happen under two circumstances, my dad loosening his grip and over-protectiveness, and ME getting out of my comfort zone. Because a friend my mine made me realize that I don’t really like change. And when I thought about it thoroughly, I found out that it is annoyingly true, it’s true in every single aspect of my life. I’m a very conservative person. I don’t do random crazy stuff. I just don’t. And I think that maybe it’s time for a little change.

I’m writing this right now, and I have no idea how and when will I put these thoughts into action, and most importantly, I’m dead afraid I would never do so.

I promise myself so many things that I tend to overlook because I’m busy taking care of EVERYTHING around me except myself. * Dilemma of my life*

But I think I have a tiny ray of hope, that this year, I MIGHT.


Now after you had to read all this shit, let me ask you about something that is way more important, how was your relationship with God this year? (you didn’t expect that, did you?). I know I rarely talk about God and religion, and that is only because I know so little of it, and that is just shameful!

anyway, my answer would be so annoying to me, so I’d rather keep it to myself!


BUT the good side is, I have planned – yes, when it comes to this, I’m gonna plan!- that the start of this year shall be the first step along the way.

we’re not perfect Muslims, we try to be though. But that isn’t the case, what I’m trying to bring into focus here, is the way we treat Allah in our daily lives, how do we think of him.


And if I ever had ONE belief that kept me going, that would be ” everything happens for a reason “. On the religious scale, I would call it FAITH.

Faith that what did happen, didn’t happen, will happen IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD EVER BE.

I’m not saying that you will UNDERSTAND that, I’m saying you should BELIEVE in that.

God has chosen the best scenario for you, I’m pretty sure that you won’t get half of it now, but you have to trust me on this one, It IS THE BEST!

All the people you met, the ones you lost. The ones that hurt you and the ones who lied, they all did it for a greater purpose.

We shall all know, we have to bend for great things to happen..



And that my dears will eventually lead you to believe that everyday is a gift, today is your day to make some special happen, some good. YOU CAN!

Thank God you woke up every morning, thank him for giving you ONE more chance.


I decided to say this, because THIS is the core of all the good advices that I could ever give.  Beside that I would love of course to see you all happy, successful, loved by people that you care about and always optimistic, I would love as well to see US all maintain a good relationship with god..

Pray, he listens, even to your whisper, he’s there. Cry, he will know. and laugh, he has given you so many things to be thankful for.

open your eyes, learn what is important in this life.

we’re here for a reason. Please make a good use of your life.

as for myself, If this year is to be my last, I would love to make it a remarkable one, to anyone.

And my message to this world will always be ” aspire to inspire “, along with of course, ” leave an impact”, ” be beautiful”, “stay happy”, etc.. : )


*eltouch ela5eer*

I haven’t lost faith in humanity, I hope I never will. Not a single person knows what might happen this year, but I’m hoping for good things to happen isa.

keep the faith, hold on to optimism in your darkest nights, and never lose the smile. =)



And at the end,

A Dedication to all of those who have supported me through every step of the way, either publicly or those who kept on reading everyday without me knowing, THANK YOU. I SWEAR to god, this project would not have been completed without you! And although I’m glad this project came to an end, I know I’m gonna miss it, somehow. so “365 project” Thank you for proving to me that I could, and that I did! even though I was so desperate at times to not come here, but I did anyway. I will always..





2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


* the number of the post is both frightening and relieving, now moving on.. *






Let’s escape this adults’ world.

Let’s run and free ourselves from all the responsibilities we never asked for.

Let’s have fun like we used to, when we didn’t care about what others might think of us.

Let’s run until our lungs ache.

Let’s throw our hands out of a speeding car and feel the refreshing air against our faces.


Let’s ditch everything that has been holding us back for too long now.

Let go of the memories, drop the burden, and enjoy leading a happy and a simple life.

All the consequences that stopped you from doing crazy stuff yesterday, won’t even matter after a year.


We were brought here for a reason, and I can’t imagine a better one than blasting our days, helping others, and leaving an impact.

Life is joy. Life is hard. Life is all what we need.

You are life. I’m too.

It’s all in here, my friend.


“People may care about people who care about themselves, but I just don’t care about those people.”

– Gracie Hart, Miss Congeniality 2


” I’m a lot like you, empty. But I found a way to make it less bottom-less.” – Dexter


dah mogarad post 3shan a3del elarkam m3 elayam 😀

3andy youmen falato meny, I wonder w23o meny feen!! 😀

and this is also a vain attempt to make you laugh 3ala habali 😀


Good morning everyone : )

enjoy your day : )


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