I’m back! Exams are over.

هدخل في الموضوع على طول


Ever had this feeling that you’re scared? always scared?

Scared from old, new, and current people in your life?

You are afraid the old ones would leave, and afraid that some others -good ones- would come along and then you’re too scared to let them in?

Or maybe you’re scared that someone would do something to you that would make YOU want to leave?


You’re lost in the philosophy of life when it comes to dealing with people.

I might not know much, but I know this; people are not the same. The stuff that happened once, doesn’t have to happen every time – although it might, once or twice in a row.


I mean, by what means could you ever not let anyone in because you have trust issues?

Screw the trust issues, there are some good people out there! BELIEVE!

if you say you’re over all the people that left, well good for you, now you should let new ones enter your circle of trust. It might take you a bit longer, and that’s okay. Totally fine.


– ana wana bakalem nafsy. w 7abet nas kda fy dema3’y bardo.


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