FINALLYY! FINALLYY! someone went through the whole process!

do you have any idea how much I waited for someone to do so?

You wanna know what a friend of mine did today?


She asked me what was wrong with me, and actually listened to it ALL , she even kept pushing for answers, ANDDD anddd she actually offered to help, and you know what she actually did!


was this too much to ask?

for the past two or three weeks I’ve waited for someone to hold my hand and say it’s going to be over soon, that it will be okay, someone to ask, listen, and re-act because I’m too freaking tired to do so for myself..

She did it in such a magical way that I didn’t even mind speaking of all the shit I had out loud.



we’re so close to the end of the 2nd phase, and a start of a new one, hopefully a less stressful one.

I really would love to have my life back.

Let’s pray god gives me the strength to get it all back together.


And that would be it for tonight.. good night everyone.


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