” The me, for me “

My mind is going through a rough patch right now. Too early for my midnight phase, I know.

And I don’t think I should be writing anything now, because I would say too many things that would better stay untold!

But I have this urge to let the world know that right now, I’m pissed!

Not that the world isn’t treating me right, no not at all. God has been very generous with me, especially these past days, although I’m skipping prayers like never before!


I’m just whining about the fact that there is always something missing.

This thing has been missing like forever! FOREVER!

It hurts, and I guess it will, forever.


I think I’m totally aware of this thing, but it’s not something you actually are in control of!
It has always been about fate, about what life has to offer.

I’ve been looking around, for too long now, and all in vain.



Who will ever write to you..? for you?

who will ever listen the way you do? and then say the things you intentionally left out because you felt it would be too hurtful to admit it?


I want one of these, I need one of those.

And I think I’ve been trying so hard lately. It’s time to give up. now. right now.



And you know what? I think you should just forget  everything I said. I’m going to head to sleep and forget all about it as well.

Good night everyone. : )


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