And I just stood there, without moving an inch.

My mind was so stuffed that I couldn’t focus on one thought separately.

I couldn’t think straight. My mind was pretty much blocked. And my vision was blurry.

My eyes were open. I was in a crowded place full of people, and in a parallel world I would have thought about a million things by looking at them, but I didn’t! I couldn’t!

But the world didn’t stop for a second, not even ONE second. The world didn’t mind me being lost, the world didn’t mind me being pulled down to the ground. The world moved on, as if nothing has happened, as if nothing IS happening.

The world didn’t mind at all. No-one stopped for me. Nothing changed for me!


And after a while, I was present again.

Even though I have closed my eyes, the scene didn’t change a bit, maybe the figures did change, but still, they were all moving quickly without even looking around.

As I said, no one stopped for me.


So why on earth should anyone of us stop for anything in this world?


take the hit, process the damage, evaluate your new position, AND MOVE ON.

I know things might have changed around you, but you are still YOU, maybe with a little more scars, as well as a few more lessons learned, but the world that lies outside YOUR VISION, that lies outside the hole you were pushed into, is still the same.


bottom line, you either stop the world for yourself, or spend a while chasing after it.


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