It all started with checking the video of our first presentation ever at college, 1st year.

Oh, to be honest, that wasn’t my first, I actually didn’t say a thing that day 😀 I was only responsible for shooting and putting 3 videos together each consisting of 3 parts or something and preparing the powerpoint and stuff, after all that’s what I asked for, and got thanked for later in front of the whole class. : ) Great times! = )


Folder after folder, years passing by. Pictures of people that I once knew, of people that aren’t here with us anymore, people that I still know.

So many memories, my prom, graduation, to my 1st year in college with all these amazing groups I used to know. (Yeah, I’m one of those people who is everywhere and anywhere all the time. )


Pictures are the only thing I have left of some people. I don’t know how I should feel about that; Be glad these memories happened, or sad they’re over. They say pictures are the best, because they never change even when those in them do.

YES! we all know pictures wont change, it is a freaking picture for god’s sake! what changes is people in them, and how we CURRENTLY feel about that certain picture and the memories it holds!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, pictures are documents capturing certain moments in our lives, they are documents you open to remember how YOU and THEM felt at that time! And you can never ever guarantee how will you feel when you open them YEARS later!


And although I was smiling through the whole thing, I still can’t help but think, these people I lost, are the ones that were there through half of my memories, childhood friends are irreplaceable.



She’s everywhere..


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