and today, for the first time in my life I knew what it’s like to actually take a totally wrong decision and then having to deal with its consequences.

yeah for the first time ever!


I made mistakes along the way, I faced a reasonable number of crossroads and so, but today I had to stop and turn back to the crossroad I faced 3 days ago, but this time I had to choose the other alternative.

this time it was different.


I knew I did my part, all of it. anyway the outcome isn’t something I’m in total control of, so I trying to not sink with my dark thoughts, I’m trying to be unbiased and actually think straight.


or no, cross that!


I’m trying not to think at all actually.

I took the decision, had plenty of memories in those three days, got closer to some people, and knew who are the people that I can blindly depend on, knew who stepped in without me asking them to do so, etc..

and today after finally taking the right decision (hopefully), and saying my goodbyes to this phase of my life, I will travel tomorrow isa with  full intention of getting rid of all this shit.


خطة الهروب الأعظم




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