Today, umm what can I say?

Today I finally made another dream of mine come true. I did it! High board! FINALLY!

a year ago from now, I wouldn’t have thought that I would make it to the top of the model’s hierarchy! One year ago things were different.


Today we embrace a new stage of our lives, a new experience, a whole bigger responsibility, that me and two of my best friends share.

All eyes on us now, I know. I can freak out, I can run and scream, but then I thought, this is my last year, do I really want to ruin my soon-to-be memorable moments that quick! I DON’T THINK SO!


here is my thank you note, to everyone who pushed me to go through this, to everyone who has believed in me from day one. I can say many names that always told me I’d up here. Thank you to all who taught me anything, thank you for those who were always there when I needed help. Thank you isn’t enough.


I’m really grateful for every single turn I took that lead me here.


Thank you ALMUN 2010 – 2011 , and EU 2012.


And EU 2013, HERE I COME : )


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