175 – End of Questions week.

I decided to start this questions week in a split of a second, I didn’t plan for it or anything. I opened the blog just to write an ordinary post or maybe post a picture if nothing came to mind, only to find myself naming the post questions week and posting that first picture.
Immediately after 5 mins, a friend of mine told me that she loves the idea and will expect very good questions, I laughed about it and we continued talking.
However that moment I decided to make it something a bit more remarkable.


The first question I asked, was initially meant to make you evaluate your position, because definitely a year ago isn’t the same as now. You should have figured one difference at least, and if you didn’t, well there has to be something wrong, that’s for sure. And when you think it through, you will only come to find that ” دوام الحال من المحال” says it all.


The 2nd day was to remind you about something that is very important, friendship, and choosing your friends. you had to answer a question of your three top qualities you look for in a friend. And then maybe you would end up evaluating some friends in your life, only to find out that there are some people that you call friends, that should be helpful, kind, funny, smart (whatever your answer is), but aren’t, maybe they only thing they do is bring you down, and although they don’t fit your criteria, you still call them “friends”.


The 3rd day was about ” what has fear of failure stopped you from doing?” only to make you realize that you are afraid not of who you are, but of who you might not be. you are not afraid of the action itself, you’re only afraid you might not do what you want to do or be who you wish to be.


4th day “what is the one thing you’re totally sure of right now”. Well to me, It took me time to figure out an answer. because for a second there, I thought that there is nothing in this world that I’m totally sure of, at first I answered “myself” but after a second I realized, that I’m not even sure of myself! ( I only came to finding answer now, as I write this post, the answer is ” my mum’s love : ) )


5th day: “what do you need to spend more time doing” was meant to make you think about YOURSELF, what you love, what you deserve, what YOU want to do. embrace yourself.


6th day: if you had the opportunity to get your message to a group of people, was meant to make you think that you need/must have a message to deliver, you need to have a vision, you need to fight for something you believe in.


7th day: “WHO ARE YOU” in one word. Decide for yourself before anyone puts you in a certain category that you might not belong to. and remember, the things we do now, are what defines us, not the past, not the future. It is all about the now, what YOU choose to do, what you choose to be. And these little things you do with love, are what matters at the end.


At the end, I hope that these questions lead you somewhere, anywhere. and if it didn’t, well I’m asking you to take a second look, evaluate your life. Because sometimes we sink too deep and lose track of what we want and where we should be. RE-EVALUATE YOUR LIFE.

” A thank you goes to those who were keen on answering the questions and even sending me the answers : )”


Have a nice evening everyone. : )


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