4 years ago, today was the worst exam I could ever remember, Trigonometry 2nd secondary exam.

until this day, I can still vividly remember how I felt after the exam, and what happened after I got home.

It was one of my worst days ever!


and now after 4 years, I KNOW that that freaking day changed my life!

because after I got the worst grade I could ever get in a freaking subject, and subsequently I got a not very high final grade for the year, I had to work really work hard for the next year. and here I’m, having a really high score in secondary school got me to the ” dream faculty”.


My mum always had this faculty in specific as a dream and after the 2nd year grade, she thought there was no way I could ever get the required score. and after a year, one morning she wakes me up holding the newspaper in her hand, ” noha noha es7y, magmo3ek momken yeda5alek seyasa w ektesad! ” she was overwhelmed. she even left me the newspaper and marked the title with the pens she could find around her.


At that time, I was happy I made it! I was so proud I proved my dad wrong, and I was okay with “faculty of economics and political science”, because all I heard was ” de koleyet elkema” ” de andaf koleya 7ekoma fy gam3et elkahera” bla bla.


I still wonder till THIS MOMENT, would it have been better if I had insisted and entered mass com. instead, because that was something I always wished for.


” If my mum ever knew that I’m doubting my presence in this college, she’d have a heart attack or something. Although deep inside, we all know that I’m not that into politics, but we (me and her) try to ignore this fact, hoping that one day, i will be interested enough. I wonder if that day will ever come..”


And please don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my college, I don’t hate politics. It’s just that I really see no use of negotiating and speaking politely over the table when there is so much shit going under it.


And yet I choose to believe I made it here for a reason, and not just any reason, it is THE reason, for what?

I have no idea. YET.


plus, politics isn’t all about the information only. If you have what it takes, personality-wise, then all other stuff will come crawling to your feet. I think..


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