I’m back! Back from a 4-day trip to Alexandria.

And it has been a couple of days (or more (A)) since my last post. I admit I had internet access, and I’ve written stuff on my mobile, but I just didn’t feel the urge to come here and write them to anyone. I was determined to shut out the world, but still had contact with some people. and even though I tried avoiding anything that would bother me, Facebook made that impossible, with friends wall posts, pictures and statuses, it was impossible to stay un-bothered for over a day!


However, I still took my time off. I watched the sunset and sat on the beach thinking about nothing. It was relieving.


And just the night before I was supposed to travel back, I sat by the window at 3 am talking to myself (I hope no one saw me and thought I’m crazy or something! :D). To everyone’s surprise I’m used to doing so, especially at night in-front of the sea or just a clear sky, this time I had both!

And GOD, I’m damn happy I decided to talk to myself finally, it was like I have finally let my thoughts run through my head freely, I finally faced the thoughts that I’ve been keeping at the back of my head for too long, I just let it all out..


And out of nowhere I caught myself making a promise that one day, I will attain a position that would make me proud of myself, that would make me look back, smile and think that it was all worth it, I promised myself to let myself be great one day.

I took a deep breathe that day, tucked my self into bed, and slept like a baby..


And now my mobile is filled with notes from the trip, they will be coming your way the next coming days ( I Think)


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