The unintended post!

you know when you want to tell someone, ” you’re speaking my mind”

well this time, it was a bit different, she was speaking “my dreams, my wildest thoughts ”

She was.


you could sense my smile behind the phone, I was shocked. My mind froze and started imaging what she was saying, I started recalling the picture I always had at the back of my mind. yes yes, it existed.

I only hopped she believed in it too.


To be honest, I now can’t decide whether I wish for that or I believe in it, because I kind of know it is a bit impossible to happen, but magically I find myself convincing people around me. How the hell do I do that, when I’ve never seen anything like it?!


But again, I start to think ” If I don’t see it, well that only means it doesn’t exist in my circle.”


“bla bla bla ”

” that one hidden issue will always remain unsolved, and maybe also, untouched..


” because now I can’t recall the last time I drew that picture in my head..”


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