That day, all the attendees wrote me amazing birthday wishes.


She was about to, actually she did, but for some reason I can’t quite remember, she didn’t write all the things she had to say to me.

I remember her saying: “I will sure see you again, or will come over to write it all. “ I agreed, and we laughed.


Days passed, and she did come over, but It seems like every time I totally forget to tell her to complete the damn note! Or to be honest, I remembered once or twice, but at the back of my head I thought ” maybe, later.”


Days kept on passing, and now, I can’t even remember the last time she was here.


And now, all I’m stuck with is, my picture on an amazing chart that is filled with love, and at the back, the only unfinished note with the biggest font, to remind me, to NEVER take anyone or anything for granted.



And by time, it will start to bother less, until one day, you will forget how it felt, you will ignore what it means, and you will just stop looking back for good.


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