” Please don’t jump” story – THE END!

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After the small amount of progress and success I had with her, I decided to go on with what I’m doing, because these people didn’t really care who the hell I was, or where I come from. All they needed was someone to listen to their stories and try to help them figure a way out. A true friend is what they really wanted to have. And I didn’t mind being that listener and friend for even a month.


Among the stories was a little girl who was 14 years old I guess, her best friend committed suicide – can’t remember the reason – and we were trying every single day on the posts to stop her from doing so as well.

One day I decided to send her a message out of nowhere, telling her that if she too takes her own life, someone else will have to suffer from that. she was convinced, we kept on talking that day. I told her too that my name wasn’t so and so , she didn’t mind either.

The only difference was, that she was a bit young, and her mom warned her from talking to strangers. She didn’t tell me much about herself but I knew what I had to know to try and help her. and that was enough.

I believe that after the numerous trials that was on the page, she stopped writing or even thinking about her dark thoughts. I think she felt a little better.

Unfortunately I didn’t bond that much with her, college came too soon.


I also kept my eyes on this boy who was on drugs and his life was too dark for him to go on, with the help of people of the page, he stopped the meds. I found the courage to send him a message one day to check on him, he thanked me for caring and told me that he stopped for a while now, and he’s getting better..  ”  : ) ”


And my final story would be this:

another story of a girl who was ALL DAY LONG  telling people that they are beautiful, thanking them for being in her life, sharing all the love and care everywhere. posting pictures of her and her friends along with the best friendship quotes she could ever think of!

I have to confess, that girl introduced me to a new side of me that time, she was doing her best to shine all over the place. to your surprise, I didn’t have her on my friends list, we didn’t talk, but I still tried to check on her once or twice when I found out she was having a hard time. she was a bit hard to get to.

What annoyed me at that time was, she was there for everyone around, but when she herself had to go through a bad time, I don’t think people cared enough ( or maybe they did and I didn’t know ). Anyway, I did what I had to do, and the reply I got from her was ” I really appreciate it, thanks! ”

I can VIVIDLY remember that I copied her ” about me ” info, and from that day till this moment, I still have a very big part of it as my ” about me ” . YEAH YEAH : )

I fell in love with her bio, that I decided to make it mine as well, and actually live by it!

And YEAH she was only THIRTEEN at that time. THIRTEEN!  ( I don’t need to tell you about most of our 13 year old girls and what they do these days, do I?)


That was it! One of my wildest stories ever! one of the craziest things I ever did! And as I write this blog post, I now know how lucky I was to have gone through that! In a way or another, that month I spent with these people, really taught me stuff! I can’t hide it, I am who I am today because I got a chance to try it with them at that time. It was the start of the current ” ME”.


I realized that people are more fragile that you could ever think. they can be all messed up at times, insecure and dark. And all they ever wish for is someone pulling them out of their darkest times, and whispering that there WILL be better times, and have the courage and decency to stick around to actually make them believe it!

I’ve learned that the American society can be very understanding and loving, despite all the differences. And as much as they are bold in all the wrong things they do, they are also as bold in trying to help others.

I also learned that we- as Egyptians or Arabs – live in a BLESS! WE DO! ” بـكل معنى للكلمة”

starting from the fact that we do have a religion that keeps us away from all this sick shit and guides us through, every step along the way. to the fact that we actually appreciate friendships – or to be honest, that we even have them!

we might face people mocking others for their skin color or their weight, but I don’t think we find people suffering from being rejected for being illegal. At least in the society that I live in!


What I really want to say here is, people are assets. they ARE a bless. I hope one day the whole humanity would realize that and stand up for each other. I hope no one has to suffer or die alone. I hope no one has to think that the only way of getting through of anything, is by taking his own life away. I hope one day, we will all know what love and peace really mean.


I still can’t point out the reason I decided to tell people about this story, but maybe I wanted them to know, that even the youngest kids can make a difference, and even the smallest gesture or sentence or smile can leave an impact. I remember once a man said, that he’d head to a bridge the next day, and the only thing that would keep him from jumping is, someone smiling at him!

A SMILE! A FREAKING SMILE! could have saved that man’s life. could have made him have kids and live happily ever after.

It’s the smallest thing of all is what really matters! share your love, care more for people. make others see you as a shinning ray of hope. BE YOU! OR EVEN BETTER! BE THE THINGS YOU WANT TO BE! BE ALL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

and thank god, EVERY SINGLE DAY, for everything you have. thank GOD you didn’t have to go through stuff like that to appreciate your life. there is MORE, so much more in this life, that we never seen or heard of.


And despite all the drama in my life, all the breaking news I get to hear from people around, I still know that I’m blessed in many ways, I’m also thrilled and happy for being the 19 year old – 16 or 17 at that time- Egyptian Muslim girl who decided to do something extraordinary – at least for her! – at that age. I’m happy I made them see a glimpse of Egyptians and Muslims.


I will be waiting for your feedbacks, I really mean it this time. This story means the world to me right now! and I’d love to hear what the regular readers have to say about it ( I have a 3 or 4 names that i will be definitely waiting for their comment! (: )

For anonymous feedbacks, send it to noha_ahmed101@hotmail.com!



updates: I reopened the freaking account!

– I found this ” ❤ ” on my wall from the girl that I never had the time to bond with, that I never really saw from last year.

– the boy that has been off his pills, needs someone to talk to. I’m not sure I’m going to step in this time. – I have very good reasons not to!

And finally I will leave u with some screen shots that reminded me of how awesome it was back then!

Turns out I already sent her that day a message! : )

a man of God has sent me this, A bit creepy though =D

I was tagged in this by the “help” page that the blonde girl created : )

tagged by the girl that I never had the time to bond with! (makes me think, maybe I did bond with her anyway. It’s never about the time, is it 🙂 ? )


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  1. Mira
    May 20, 2012 @ 09:05:30

    Enlightening and Beautiful!! if u believe that this is craziness then you should go crazy more often cuz for me what is did was simply Genius!! =D Looking forward to reading more!=D


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