please don’t jump story! part THREE

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and after several months, all of a sudden, one day she tells me that she started taking control over her life! she did! I can’t remember the reason why she decided to do so, but I can remember she told me she was determined to quit all her bad habits, and she started going to church. She kept on telling me how great her life has turned out to be after she regularly visited the church, and that Jesus loves her and she wouldn’t want to do anything that might upset him or anything.

I was relieved and happy… she was back to normal. I was even more happy for the fact that the girl who was trying to help everyone around, has finally decided to help out herself!

I like to believe that I led her somewhere with all my ” it’s going to be better, everything happens for a reason, you can change whenever you want to, you shouldn’t have to love that way. you deserve better ❤ ” talks.


Days passed, and I was back to college. I couldn’t keep up the 1am to 7am thing, so I had to say hello and make sure she’s ok, and still alive every now and then when I could. I sometimes left her messages and she replied when she was around.


And that’s how I got to know the blonde girl. * I prefer to keep it anonymous *

The girl that made me realize that I’m blessed to have friends that listen, even if they don’t offer anything afterwards, they are here and they listen. That’s enough. She made me realize that it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, if your intentions are good, that’s what really matters at the end. Also that it isn’t that important what’s your past, as long as you know how to fix your present and know where you wanna go with your future. She made me see another perspective of life through her eyes, a much painful and deeper one.  And I will leave the rest of the lessons learned for tomorrow to sum it all up : )


And for the record, that wasn’t my only story.


Wait for the 4th and final part tomorrow isa! : ) it will be the grande closing! =D

P.S” Tomorrow’s post will have updates on what I’ve found when I reopened the fb account! : ) “


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