” Please don’t jump ” story revealed! PART TWO!

Previous part: https://throughtheeyesofanordinarygirl.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/please-dont-jump-story-revealed/


” she added me, and I accepted the friend request.. “

I honestly couldn’t think of another way to deal with this but to be completely honest, I got myself together and told her all about me! this is not my real name, I’m not from America, etc.

To my surprise, she was totally understanding and totally OK with it! she still insisted on talking like nothing has happened.

we kept on talking that day until 7 am in the morning (my time). we shared talks about the US and Egypt here, about her school and my college, about different food and so many other random stuff. she really really thought we lived in a desert! I didn’t think that there are still people out there who think we do! I’m not sure though if she asked about the camel or no! =D anyway, of course I couldn’t leave her with that nasty image, so all I could think of at that time, is showing her pictures of sharm elsheikh, and some of city stars (since its in the capital and near my house). she was amazed, you know by what? that we also had McDonalds and Nike! I believe at the end she knew that we are not that retarded, and we actually live a totally normal life. she was excited to come visit here one day..


day after day, I kept on opening the page and opening my account, I’d catch up with her from 1 am to 7 am (my time) which was noon to her I guess. And after a few days, her story about fighting depression was known to me, along with so many other stuff, like real deep shit! I was only 16 or 17, and that was beyond my anything that could come to my mind, this was new. I was seriously terrified. It’s not about me, it was about her, I didn’t know how to deal with these stuff. I didn’t know how it really feels. But that didn’t stop me.

I had to Google stuff to understand the things she had to go through, I’ve decided that I’m getting through to this girl, and I don’t care if she’s an American Christan or even a Jewish, I didn’t give a shit!

I used to listen to her for hours and talk about the reasons she got to that! She used to tell me how desperate she is, and how cruel life is treating her. And I Tried to convince her that she isn’t alone and it will get better by time. ( I was too emotionally dragged into this, that I hoped I could tell her to call me when something goes wrong!)


I, now, can vividly remember one of our remarkable talks, she asked me if I ever smoked a cigarette or got drunk and so many things that better stay unmentioned, and I was like, NO, of course not! and she was like” HOW?! ”

I started with the difference in cultures fact, and its not that way here in our country, and then, brought up the ” I’m a Muslim ” fact.

I didn’t know what I’m I allowed to say, because that was the first time we ever talk about religion and my personal life! But she didn’t seem to back off or anything, she – just like any other time- asked me for more details, so I went on telling her that it’s our religion and it’s forbidden to do so, etc. And that we save ourselves for a higher purpose, marriage. I can recall she heartily agreed with that!


That night, she let me in to a totally new world.

she invited me to check her website. A website she has made for people who are desperate and thinking of suicide. She made this live chat for them to talk on, and also a page of info for them to seek help and the numbers needed. I was astonished.

that night i was too damn scared to even take a look at the chat, so I entered with the name guest for around 2 mins and then left the chat room. She noticed and asked me if that was me, and I told her yes, I will be visiting tomorrow.


Next day came along, I was too curious to know more and I didn’t have time to be afraid anymore. And so I decided to enter the chat room and actually talk with other people.

That night was smooth, no one was complaining about anything though. they were laughing and making fun of things, I got along. easily. I was happy, so damn happy I did.


Stay tuned for part three tomorrow isa : )


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