So lately I have been thinking, that the only way you can get closer to a friend, isn’t by only sharing some of your special stories, but also telling him how you feel about that certain issue.


again, it’s all about how much are you willing to reveal of yourself to that person. how deep are you willing to let him in.

and how much effort and courage does it take to let down your guard and overcome your trust issues.


And if you are lucky enough, that person would sense the effort and would do the same back, and the journey of tight best friends starts.. : )


“Inspired by a heart-to-heart talk, with one of “these” friends..  : )”



just before the sunlight..

staring at the picture, trying to figure out what made you tear?

staring at the picture, trying to figure out what will happen next?

staring at the picture that tears your heart apart.. staring aimlessly.


This world has gone mad.

friends breaking your heart, strangers picking the pieces?

what the hell happens to all the promises?

where do you bury the memories?

how do you run from a part of your life?


God, life can be so harsh at times.

we all know that, don’t we?

I think by now we all have tested the ” ups and downs ” theory.

we’ve had our scars. we’ve gone through healed wounds that tinkle every once and a while.


your head spins, nothing is clear.

you are sick of having to dwell over everything.

you wish you didn’t have to care that much about anything in the world.

you wish you could shut your brain up, and actually see ” the thing ” and think of NOTHING, absolutely nothing, as if nothing has happened, as if you never lived it, as if you are you without that certain part!


Am I talking nonsense?


Well, I tend to have a messed up head around dawn, a head that speaks the hurtful truth.

I think it’s something related to my silent house at night. or maybe the quiet street I live in. They give me space to dig deep!

or maybe it’s just the dark.



” and screw that freaking picture, that resembled the missing need. “


I love the fact that we know each other too well! ” we’ve got the manuals : ) ”

And I love how she can spot my downs easily : )


Y.H, this post is for you ❤ = )

Thank you for looking after me.


It makes you feel alive, it kind of burns, a sweet burn I guess.

kind of makes you know that there is someone that is really precious to your heart, someone that you really love with all you have, that it tinkles to know he’s thinking about someone else, or doing anything with anyone in this world other than you! that he is creating new memories that you aren’t a part of!


This is how I see it.


How other people perceive it, I’m not really sure.

Some think it’s childish, others might love it.

And some others have it in them like a disease.


But I, I laugh from the bottom of my heart with a sparkling eyes and the world just seems .. better .. : )


A Jealous Heart…


you will be surprised if you knew what other people seek, and the things they expect you to do for them!

some expect huge things, yeah they kind of have high expectations that won’t be lowered easily, and others demand a very tiny thing that it might not even occur to your mind that someone actually takes care of it!


considering people appreciate the tiniest details, and that is one thing that could make my day..


” people are amazing breath-taking creatures..”


how about if I make you believe that we could be, start to make it happen, actually tell you we are happening, and THEN! I walk away and leave you wondering, ” what the hell happened?”



You know what, You should start worrying when I STOP blaming you.

That means I have loosen my grip, it means I’m adjusting to the new situation, and that I don’t mind what you’re doing anymore.

It might mean I have given up.


And yeah, I don’t get there easily, but it’s even harder to get me back where I used to stand.

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