117 – :)

Not all the people are the same! THEY DEFIENTELY AREN’T!

People don’t see you the same; some appreciate you more than others and make you feel like you mean the whole world to them, and others think of you as a person that they have met and might lose someday.


They are not the same, and eventually you are NEVER the same with all people!

Some make you want to be a better person, some make you believe that friends are forever, and others let the shittty thoughts grow in your head “ we’re never going to be like that forever”

We are humans, we all have insecurities. We all have trust issues when it comes to the vulnerable side of US. ALL OF US!

Letting people in is an issue for approximately everyone!

But at the end of the day, they are some people that you simply can’t keep outside of your circle, you just can’t!



Today has been a REMARKABLE DAY FOR ME!

after the ” supposed-to-be last session” we decided to go to “grizzly”. So many details that only them would understand, but I really had SO much fun, “mafia game, system, talking about us..etc”.

and the to kowaidar, ice creaam timee!! :D. and then a road trip with some dear friends to el-haram, then back to nasr city, and then my favorite part of the day; A very sincere and honest talk with someone that is extremely special to my heart : )


a huge smile and the look… : )


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