109 – 1st school session :)


today, me and EU people had an awareness session in one of the governmental schools in dokki. I couldn’t sleep yesterday. I was so worried that anything would go wrong! It really was one hell of a night that no one knew about.

I jumped out of bed at 6am couldn’t sleep again, finally woke up at 7. I was too excited/afraid to be late that I was in my car 7:15am!


The day wasn’t really treating me well! the whether as you could see was a disaster! and people had to drop out because of it. However I’ve decided we aren’t going to cancel “THE” session of the whether.

we arrived at the schools and after a dilemma of who is in which class and stuff, we started our day at 11:30.

12:00pm I could clearly/proudly say, MAGIC WAS HAPPENING : )


I was running around in the corridor between 5 classes with the biggest smile on my face that would only be bigger when I am done with checking on every class!

I was speechless!!


Kids were amazing, very smart and interactive. they really want to learn something. They are actually eager and keen to know new stuff. They could be amazingly creative if you only gave them the space to do so! All they needed was an opportunity!!

I personally was amazed because I never thought it will be actually that way!


And I knew that we really succeed in getting through to this kids when I hear one of them asking one of us when will we be coming back.

when they fight to take a picture with one of us.

when they actually gave a souvenir to one of the secertariats.

And they are only kids in 5th primary!! = )

And this is only a small glimpse of what I’ve actually seen. I’m sure there IS more!


Although I didnt get to interact much with these kids, but I’m really happy that the whole team did! and they really got to them! And from the very first session, they left an impact already! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT 3 : )


” I deserve to be happy and proud for the night : )”


الحمد لله (:


( I might put some pictures later isa 🙂 )



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