When I come across a source of inspiration..

I always wish I could see myself from someone else’s eyes!

To see how I act how I talk, what other people might think of me?

Am I just another ordinary person they meet? or I am a person that really has something new to offer?


Because practically, I know I might have something to offer, but how new is this to them?! How effective will it be?


(oshtob kol ely fat dah)


I have a message that I want to deliver, messages actually. And every once and a while I’d love to see my progress from their eyes.

There is more to give to this world, there is so much to give. so much to do. so much to say.


find what will get you to move without having to worry about the pain or the mess you’ll go through.

Find something that is worth fighting for, something worth having. Something that you’d add to, and that would add to you as well.

Life is more than what you see. find this something, that would help you see the bigger picture, something that would give meaning to who you are.

because “You are uniquely designed and gifted, with a core purpose for being in this world.”






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