100!!! – because one can’t simply mess up his closing speech

All through my EUian year, I was thinking about my EU closing speech, and once the conference was a reality, I decided to let go of the idea and  not say any closing speeches. Only to find that we’re actually in the closing ceremony and every head is supposed to say a word.

I wasn’t prepared! And I had to write 10 lines on whatever came to my mind, I wasn’t fair in what I wrote.


I should have said more than I did. A lot more.


Like for example I should have started with my unexpected trip in EU. How it all started when I wasn’t even planning for it! How I became a head after being rejected in the model I spent two years in. And how I ended up being one for all head, after a 2-year-PR experience. Everything was going NOT according to my plan. AND till this moment, I still thank God for that.

I should have talked more about my amazing committee and our achievements. How we started small and ended as big as we could ever be! And how we’re still struggling to achieve the plan I always had in mind!  I LOVE THEM ❤

And then moving on to the heads team that I extremely love and appreciate. I seriously couldn’t have been any more proud that I ended up in this team with THESE people.


And without mentioning names, I’m going to say that each and every one of them taught me something new.

One taught me how to be extremely persistent and to take care of every single detail. Be practical.

another taught me how to always smile and be happy, no matter what you go through, SMILE.

another brought out the best of me. She really succeed in breaking through. easily.

the fourth one taught me how to always think of a way around, because everything might reach a dead end, but you can always go around that obstacle.

the fifth taught me the real meaning of kindness and extreme cuteness.

the sixth showed me how to be funny and always hyper but still can be depended on.

the seventh opened my eyes to my future. Made me think that I can always achieve more if I want to. She can be a super women at times. She resembles the better version of me. (:

and the last girl in our heads – almost – girls team, showed me the meaning of being a mother to her friends.

They are exceptional, we were exceptional this year. I know we had our screw ups and downs, but our UPS were worth all the pain. I KNOW IT!

I had fun, I blasted my year with these people. And I don’t care about any other thing!


I just want you guys to always remember, that everything has to end, it will. And while that happens, keep smiling and appreciate the time we have left together. We deserve better (:


Last but not least, I should have thanked my friends – some of them were present and others weren’t – that had to go through all of the shit with me, whether it was my swinging moods or my disappearing times or even my unexpected moves and words.


And finally, I should have thanked the ex-heads and secretariats for their support and their presence.

And also those who have believed in me since day one. THANK YOU : )

And also those who gave me an amazing feedback on my work this year; you made burst into tears! (:


“There is always more than what you see in-front of you, so don’t miss checking the other side..”


” Thank you EU for touching my heart this year. “


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