My meaningful mess!

I have things to say! but I just cant get myself to write them!

maybe because I see that they aren’t worth it anyway!


Nothing around me is set! everything is in a mess. everything!

I’m doing a million of things all at one time. alone. I’m fighting, in every single aspect of my life, I’m in a battle of trying to figure things out!


And surprisingly, I’m not panicking; I don’t have the energy to do so this time.

And maybe because over the past year, I have learnt that everything will be fine at the end.

No matter how messed up it might seem now, you will end up just fine. You might fall apart and lose part of yourself along the way, but in the end, you will end up where you should be!


SO, I decided to do what I always tell people to do! “Do your best and leave it up to God!”

I will keep fighting, for my own sake, and their sake! I promise I will do my best!


But allow me to fall apart one day, one day someone will have to take over. One day someone will have to be ME for me!


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