Once upon a house..

Nothing ever compares to that house, nothing ever!

Every corner holds a memory, a precious one.

And no matter how things are/will be, they will always remain in my heart. Forever.


Because once upon a time, in that house, I found a home..


121 – Random crazy thoughts’ week

day 3:


Did you ever notice how fun the sun can be? playing hide and seek everyday!!

Unexpected mid-day posts! : )

Steps of recovery:

– Erase my to-do list – that isn’t completely mine, it’s more of the work that members and other people have to update me with. I’ve been pushing it day after day for quite a while now. And it was really really annoying me!

– Write down my deadline table, post it on the wall. Mark the dates. Know how screwed I’m if I don’t start now!

– Start collecting bits and pieces of info for the assignments (turned out I have 6!).

– Getting the things that have been driving me crazy lately off my chest. They still will anyway, I know that, but I hope with a less rate of craziness and thinking!



– Have a goal ( which I have had since day one this year), so I had to remind myself of it! I now have a reason why I should study more and get these things done! I tend to forget all the time, but luckily I have people that keep nagging over it! = )

– Have faith, that whatever is happening, it’s for my best! I CAN’T see that right now, But I know deep inside.


– And finally I’m writing this note for anyone who might have a similar problem with STARTING the finals mood, and to also remind myself that I’m half way through, so that I’d stop looking back!

so listen people, Finals phase SUCKS BIG TIME! we all know that and we all feel the same, but the thing is, you only have to get through a time of a month or two, that WILL change how your life works later on! You have to know this!! It will! I promise!

And I don’t think you want some laziness of the present to affect how will YOU be in the future!

So now I’m asking you to have a clear mind, have all the info you need and papers and etc, and start putting yourself in a good mood, rather than the ” I can’t study, it’s too much, I don’t care.. etc” mood.

And MOST importantly, stick around people who actually have the same vision as yours, stick around people that are willing to study instead of winning over it! Stick around people who have your back. But always remember that no one will ever HELP you as much as YOU can help yourself! = ) so when you’re good at what you’re doing, take a day off or bring yourself something nice to eat. watch a movie or call someone you love! ” the keyword is YOU.”


Pick up the pieces and get going.. you have a long way ahead, you might as well want to enjoy it! = )

Have yourself a good day everyone! = )


120 – Random crazy thoughts’ week

day 2:


If I were ever to lose my common sense, I’d steal a mini cooper and drive on the highway at the maximum speed, listening to armin van buuren at the maximum volume!


119 – Random crazy thoughts’ week

Day one: Saturday:

If I ever were to own a donkey and a cart, I’d pull the cart with him everyday to work.

: )




Thanks to the people that keep coming here everyday : )

and those who check from Canada and USA as well! : )

Thank you!


I spent the day recalling memories and smiling : ) ” The smile..”

Words are ringing through my ears.

I’m happy for the night! : )

And that is all what matters, at the end!








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