People change, we all know that!

But they change for a reason, I’m sure they do!

Every single one of us lost a friend because he felt that they aren’t the same anymore, because he felt that they have lost something, and the list goes on and on and on.


And yesterday it just crossed my mind; it’s normal for people to change, they have to!

People grow up and develop different characters along the way, so if you have a friend that you’ve known for years, that friend might not get along very well with the new you! Yeah yeah I know he’s your friend and should like you no matter what happens! but we are human beings! and unfortunately you just can’t stop feeling something whenever you want to.

If you sense that a friend changed in treating you or a friend’s character has become slightly different, your mind starts translating what your heart feels about the new situation. And that’s when people -involuntary- start acting with each others in a new way. and that’s when things change..


And the whole scenario I have just written gets me thinking, how would our lives be if people we knew for 10 years are still the exact same people we know now?! apart from the fact that I believe that this is very unlikely to happen due to the fact I have discovered lately; it is very very hard to maintain a stable. But let’s assume I never changed, let’s assume people never made me sense a change that drove me to act differently, let’s assume I never left people behind, let us assume I am the same exact noha that had a circle of best friends that has stayed with her from school till this moment, I wonder; how would my life be any different that it is right now?! I FREAKING WONDER!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ola H. Darweesh
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 00:45:55

    i like that one…i also wonder 🙂


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