55 – weddings

weddings! Oh dear!

I always think of them as a bit overrated because of all the girly stuff I have to do and wear. But when I’m done, I admit, It feels good. Always.


And it even gets better when I get there..


When they walk down the stairs, the girl holding her father’s hand, people smiling, others tearing. The minute he hands over his daughter to her future husband.

The moment the mother dances with her only son with tears and a wide smile.

The way the groom handles his princess, the way he holds her hand and look into her eyes assuring her that she’s about to have the time of her life!


The first dance, and how the bride blushes when he looks straight into her eyes and says something special. Oh dear, I might faint!

the way the bride’s friends dance all over her with the widest smile they could ever wear!


It’s magical, it always is.

And it doesn’t really matter how the surroundings look like, as it was always about the feelings, the joy, the happiness, and the start of something new!


Yes it’s obvious, I was in a wedding today. It’s always good to meet up with the rest of the family, and even better to be in the wedding of one of them (:.

Today got me thinking, how would I look/feel/act like that day. And what will my soon-to-be husband do that day.


But for now all I know is, I’m going to get C-raazyyyyy! It’s MY wedding night! Isn’t it?!


I wish them a happy life together, and for everyone reading this post; I hope you marry someone that would make you happy every single day, and even if he couldn’t, well at least he will be faithful, loving and supportive. I wish you all the best of luck in choosing “that” kind of person.


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