12 day mini project – الخلاصة :)

and because the second part was too long, I decided to save my words, the true words to describe the experience in a separate post.

The 3rd and final post regarding our 12 day mini project (:


Dear R.

You came to me with this idea, while I was ready to let go of everything. I was ready to lose anyone who isn’t willing to fight for me a little longer. I was ready to walk away from anybody, from everybody. I was finally okay with the walking away scene. I was just getting ready.

But then, you came along, and threw upon me a commitment- a long one-. One I wasn’t ready to take in, because I was just getting ready to let go of all my responsibilities and commitments -for a while. But the way you insisted on us starting this, made me realize that maybe, just maybe, God has something bigger for me. You talked me into this.

So I decided to get it together and give this thing a chance, a chance for me; the last move I was willing to make.

And so I did, I was enthusiastic as hell to start this thing, and so we did. On a lovely sunday we did our fist task.


And then days flew by, and I’m writing this post after we ended 12 actions in 12 days, after we celebrated your birthday, and just before I get into college and get back to my normal routine, energy sucking life.


I now write this to tell everyone about my story.

As I said earlier, the goal of this was to make people happy- or so we agreed. BUT somewhere down the trip,  I came to find myself. I came to realize the fact that the purest, most satisfying happiness of all, is the one tied to making others happy.

but as it was said: ” You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

So now – to me – it is about finding the balance; between your happiness and others. Between the way I could keep people around me happy -like I always wish to do- and to give myself some credit, to not step over my happiness for others, a way to always stay in a happy state of mind.


That was the key.


Because now I know, if someone keeps taking all the blame, doing all the stuff, and being everyone’s shoulder, soon enough he would be a worn out piece of shit not able to even move or do anything, neither for others nor for himself. And that would be a huge waste.. A huge loss..


To wrap up what I really wanna say. I deeply wish that when people are done with reading the 3 parts, they would imagine how I feel right now. Some might know because they have been there, others might not have any idea what the hell I’m talking about.

However what is more important to me is, that they would WANT to experience my feeling right now! I want them to WANT to go through this.

I’m sorry If  I failed to explain how amazing this was to me, but I am telling you this right now ” please go through this. Please!”

And here I am saying it out loud, I’m 100% okay with helping anyone out in this, anyone. All you have to do is let me know you are ready to experience the true meaning of selfishness, and I will silently lead you through this. I would assign your task every night, and before I assign the next one, I would happily hear what you experienced through the day (:

And I gotta say, people might not give you the response you are waiting for, and that shouldn’t bring you down what so ever.

It’s a journey for yourself, that somehow has go something to do with other people.


I’m back! I AM!

I want to be me again, smile and laugh all around the place. Do crazy stuff, help others, and most importantly be happy.


” A freaking huge big fat thank you goes to one of the dearest persons to my heart, R.H. you gave me a reason to be me again. And a very big one also goes to M.E for sticking with me through some of my worst times ever. I now can depend on you both through whatever. You are my people (:. ”



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