27 dresses.

I’m a huge fan of  Katherine heigl, ever since I first saw her in grey’s anatomy.

I loved her for her looks and how good she could act. I loved her for the personality she had on the show.

I’m still a huge fan although she is not on the cast anymore.


However, some of you might know that she has a film called ” 27 dresses” out in 2008.

I have known this film since it was available for download. But today while I was watching tv, I came across it and decided to watch it again!


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This time my comment was different than the last time I have seen it (3/4 years ago).


The older I grow, the more  the idea of this film represents me.


I love this movie, I love the idea, the acting, the scenes, and especially the ending scenes.

And now she’s finally the bride, with all the previous brides in her wedding. They are there for her just as she expected they would!


I highly recommend you’d watch it on a nice evening. (Y)


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