12 day mini project part 2 :)

day 7:  we’ve taken the day off I guess =D


day 8: cook for ourselves; just be happy for tonight.

Couldn’t do anything because I was out of the house most of the time, so I decided to be happy for tonight in my own special way.

I said a tip, a simple advice to someone – I’m not really used to- that I know is in deep shit. We both smiled, I knew she got it, I knew she understood what I meant. And for that I slept satisfied that night.

although I would have loved to taste the pizza my friend did =P, but I’m happy for the night. (:


day 9/day10, I pushed the tasks for later because I couldn’t leave the house.


day 11: 3 tasks! 😀

the first was to make someone happy; and so I drove a friend to the airport and the whole way we kept on remembering some cheerful memories, then stopped by to visit another one, that was traveling for two weeks, took one of my friends out for a tbs donuts, and finally I bought a dear friend a tbs donut on my way home, she was too happy to mention.  And even If I didn’t make any of these people happy, well I ended up being VERY happy today 🙂

the second one was: to dance around on a music we love for half an hour, and because I was happy like I mentioned, I did it in the car actually 😀 I raised the volume and whenever the street was empty, I made my move! 😀

the third one was to read a verse from elqur2an before we sleep. And I choose  soret elkahf 🙂

we are so close to the end, and I can’t wait to finish this post and publish it! 🙂


day 12: the one she has been too excited for from day one; write a paragraph/page or more, whatever we want, that has our best memories. We could even start by primary memories. We were free to do whatever we want! (:

And till this day (10-2-2012 9:35pm) I haven’t even started this task.

So I will write down a glimpse of it here hoping I would continue it later somewhere else, maybe in my diary.

” Very normal, I’d apply for a head in a model we have in college. But then things take a very unexpected turn -at least to me- and I’m not accepted in this one, but in another! A huge change in plans I never saw coming. But luckily it didn’t take me long to adjust. The people were just amazing, they are so amazing that if you’d take a side, you know that you’re missing the time of your life.

I got in, adjusted very quickly. And now I can’t count the memories we have had till this day. EU brings joy and happiness to my life, every single day (: .


“I return from saudi arabia, and my parents are still confused which school should I get to. And then one day, our neighbor meets my mum on the stairs, they have a little chit chat, and the nice lady tells my mum that she is a teacher in a school called ” futures language school ” and that it is a near and fine school. Mum looked into it, and decided that would be my school for me. I entered 5th primary there, and luckily I graduated there as well.

All these years I spent there, they are remarkable in every aspect. The memories are so many that you’d get bored, but here is a glimpse about this time of my life.

I meet 3 amazing friends, that I’m still lucky to know until this day. Although stuff aren’t the same anymore, but still, knowing them was always a bless, and having them around now, is a dream come true. 9 freaking years! (: ”


Adding to this paragraph ” I love the fact that out of nowhere I ended up being the school’s organizer! (:

Oh god, that gave me one hell of an experience to remember!

School prom, graduation, and 3 reunions till this day.

And each day holds a very very very dear memory to my heart, memories I would never ever let go (:

Pictures are every where to remind me of these days, even my prom dress is still in my closet untouched.

And finally the scarf that has the word “organizer” on it from the prom day, is still glued to my library for me to look at everyday and remember the days I had.. ”


Stay tuned for the 3rd and final post (:


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