41 – The recovery.

All I had to do is look back at the posts I saved as drafts once I started this blog, and how it did really reflect how I am/wanna be. They were honest, and helpful, they were me!

All I had to do is take a step backwards, remember all the good times I had, remember why I know these people, and the joy they brought to my life.

All I had to do is realize that “this” will end one day, very soon. And oh How I love ” the now”, and ending it would mean the end of so many things that I got used to, things I can’t stand losing. Never ever!


All I had to realize is that life is too short to dwell on the past for too long. Also that one shouldn’t look back unless he is willing to go there.

I needed a wake up call.


I’m on my way .. (:


And now I’m glad to be anyone’s wake up call. (:


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