When I happen to see things in a different way..

Yesterday at 3 o’clock in the morning I decided to watch episode 13 of grey’s anatomy, because 3 of my friends asked whether I did see it or not, and the 3 of them asking was pretty unusual.


I don’t know what they think of the episode, because it was kind of weird, very actually.

The opening scene was meredith grey quoting that when it comes to kids, everyone will have/has the kids he is supposed to have.

and then She heads to sleep saying ” what if my life was different..”


And there we go, the whole episode revolving around a very different absurd scenario (in her dreams).

Everything happening the way it would have been, if the 1st scenario wasn’t the reality!

but even though things happened in a way none of the viewers would have imagined, but at the end (last 10-15 mins) things start taking a new turn, leading to the start of the first scenario which did really happen …

pushing me to say this to one of my friends, ” this episode supports the idea of happy endings.”

and then she says ” but it might not be a happy one.”

But I reply: ” well I guess it’s a relative thing, we- the people- are the ones who decide whether someone is good or bad based on the way we see this thing suits/fits our ambitions, dreams and hopes. But God has  another way of seeing it. You see, everyone is going to end up where he is supposed to be, and God knows that this is the best that could ever be; it is the happy ending he has for us. but like I said earlier, we are the ones who decide whether we’re happy with this or not. Happiness has always been a choice.. ”


I love it when I see things in a different way, I love it when I’m inspired, and that’s why I have been whining all day about how the people in my life – these days-, lead nothing but useless and silly talks and that it’s starting to get on my nerves.

which by the way explains my wish of marrying a very sophisticated argumentative man.



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