Today actually turned out to be a fine/good/happy day.


In the morning I drove one of my best friends to the airport; she is traveling to her family in KSA.

And the whole way I had one thought in my mind, the first day I passed by her to take her to our heads meeting this year. And how her sister was playing in my car. It was a happy day (:.


And then I passed by another best friend of mine, which I will really really miss having around, who happens to be traveling today to KSA as well, we said our goodbyes , and then I went home.


And then all of a sudden I decided to go out with one of college dear friends to eat a donut from TBS! (TBSSS <3)

we sat there, grabbed something to eat, talked a while about stuff that was happening to both of us, and I drove her home.

On my way back, I passed a TBS donuts to one of my best friends, I knew it would make her happy, and so it did.

I was happy too. (:


At the end of the day, turns out I was smiling the whole day remembering all the past good times; it took me two goodbyes to realize the fact that by being in my “undefined mood” , I’m missing  so much! so so much!

There is more to come, isa, and I’m not planning on missing anything! (:

EU, friends, and college days.

I’m getting ready… (:


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