And every face holds a different story; different reasons, different consequences, different roads, different feelings..

And you can never tell by a single look.

It’s even unfair, that the face and character that was shaped throughout the past years, would be judged in a split of a second.


Don’t you think they have a reason for acting crazy. It might be different than the one that made you so calm and wise, but at least they do have one!


Cut people some slack..

We can all be alike, it’s true. We share some basics that no one can deny, but the way everyone handles these basics is different.

And that’s why they are so many people in this freaking world.

And I can’t think of a more boring thing than a world filled with similar/identical people.

Because that would make us lose the real taste of success and greatness, it would make us lose hope.

It would make us lose a part of ourselves..


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