36 – Among us.

mom:” noha I have a blouse missing.”

me:” double check mom, it must be somewhere here.”

same scenario over and over, until one day my mom reaches a conclusion; our maid is stealing her clothes!

At first I didn’t back her up, because I thought if we are wrong, it would be so unfair, but after I doubled check with her, I reached the same conclusion.


So she put up a plan with my uncle, that he would come today with the servant around and act like he is a police officer that happens to be in our house the day my mum found out the truth.

He was to arrive at 10:30, I slept 6:00 am, and began to become alert from 10:15am, fearing that the worse might happen.

And to our surprise, my mum found in the maid’s bag 2 pieces of clothes that she recently stole, but what we couldn’t understand why the hell did she bring them with her?! very idiotic don’t you think?

after semi-calm discussion we agreed that she would go to her house, bring us back the clothes, and we won’t take any further actions, and so she did.


And BAAAM! she had me fooled as well!

even my clothes! even mine!

I was angry as hell the minute I saw my stuff come our of her bag.

And it’s definitely not about the stuff itself, it’s about the freaking action!!


every single time on my way out -leaving her alone in the house- she asks if I’m going and I say yes, she wishes me luck and tells me to be safe!


Till this moment right now, I hate to think about the idea, not THIS idea, I’m talking about the bigger picture.

When you think that someone is something, only to find out that he isn’t. He might even be the exact opposite.

Gets me thinking, How else is fooling around? What else can’t I see? How big the thing I’m missing is?


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  1. Ahmed Nabih
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 00:04:33



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