Midnight’s random thoughts!

I miss my random thoughts.

-Dear kitkat, thank you for sticking by me for the past three years, finals without you are hell!

-I love surprises ♥, just like a little child loves his toys.

-You never ask people for support, they either show up or they don’t!

– “الإحتواء ” a word that makes sense to me more than anything in this world right now.

-Getting that chance to drive in an empty street with your music on the highest volume is a bless.

-koleyet elkema beta3ty, gabetny EL2ARD!

-Expectations never get me anywhere!

– I hate it when I tie my happiness for the day to a person’s act.

-I love Sara Assem ♥, forever and always <3. You’re very precious. (:

– W.

– What if you “end”, just like all my other stories that I never really began?

-The swinging chair ❤


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