Ever since I started this blog I had this inner struggle -probably daily-, whether to post what I wanna say on facebook or here.

And to end the struggle, I decided that the criteria of where to post will be as follows: do I wanna look back at the blog after a week/month/year and see THIS post here?

If the answer is no, it’s automatically posted on facebook as a status.

But if I want to remind myself that I once felt that way, that I once got through this day, I come here and write whatever comes to my mind.



Everyone should have his own space. Have a diary, let it all out.

And when you look back after sometime -when you truly have forgotten about a certain day, you will see how things changed, and only then will you start to appreciate everything around. you will know that everything is going to be ok at the end, and only then you’ll have the strength to keep fighting till the end. you will know that mistakes are soon to be called lessons learned, because everything in this wide world, happens for a reason!


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