Have you thought it through?

Did you think about your feeling after a year from now? How do you wanna feel exactly?

(Take a minute ..)



When I asked myself this question, my answer was simply ” I wanna be proud. ”

I wonder what am I planning on doing to make myself feel that way after a year from now?


All I know is, I promised myself that the next year if I had the chance to look back at this post, I will make sure I do what I said I will.



Raise YOUR bar and shoot for the stars!

Glory IS coming your way, you just have to believe.

And don’t let your thoughts trap you in the circle of the familiar, anyone can be good enough to do anything he sets his mind to. YOU CAN, and YOU WILL, ONLY IF YOU WANT TO.

Take a step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and feel the true bless of doing something you/others thought you couldn’t do! (:


I’m sure every single person reading this has some kind of crazy thought in his head, something he wanted to do but has been holding back for too long, I’m asking you to think it through, re-evaluate your plan. And actually start doing it! I wish you all the best of luck (:


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